Flange Block Bearings

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Read more about each type of pillow block bearing using the links below.Besides the mounted flanged bearing units above, many ball bearings have flanges as options to their configurations to aid in mounting and positioning. This is especially true for miniature and instrument bearings but applies to other ball bearing types. While the flanged mounted bearing units above have the axial/shaft perpendicular to the mounting surface, the units below have the shaft running parallel to the mounting surface.

Pillow block bearings, flange bearing units, bearing blocks, and take-up bearings units all consist of a housing with a bearing mounted in it. They are available in a variety of materials, mounting configurations and various bearing features. Each mounted unit, including a mounted bearing, acts as a system to position the bearing securely for reliable operation.

QM INDUSTRIES QVVFL22V100SEM Flange Block Bearings

3.2 0.4 Hz
4 mm 440 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QAAFX13A060ST Flange Block Bearings

43.5 mm 5.5 Nm
12.8 kN 100 °C

QM INDUSTRIES QMFY18J307SM Flange Block Bearings

4.85 kg 36 mm
56.7 mm 48 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QMFY13J065SEM Flange Block Bearings

12.8 mm US205-16G2
13.5 mm 27 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QMFY15J300SEM Flange Block Bearings

B04144 10 mm
4547359094572 10 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QMFY26J130SC Flange Block Bearings

35.7 mm 0.35 kg
9 mm 15.9 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QMFY09J112SEM Flange Block Bearings

UC315-47G2L3 380 mm
74.61 mm 41 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QMFY22J407SM Flange Block Bearings

1.1 mm P0
NTN Non/No

QM INDUSTRIES QMFL20J100SEM Flange Block Bearings

25 mm -20 °C
3.58 Hz 7.9 kN