Take Up Unit Bearings

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Take-up bearings and frames align conveyor tracks and adjust and maintain tension on conveyor belts. These assemblies contain a bearing, housing, guiding frame, and positioning screw. The positioning screw adjusts the bearing and housing's location along the frame. This frame must be long enough to achieve proper tension in the belt. Take-up frames can be center-pull, top-pull, or bottom-pull depending on the positioning screw's location in the assembly. Frames guide the take-up bearing while the bearing reduces friction.

Take-up bearings are mounted bearings consisting of a guide frame, positioning screw, and mounting hardware and are typically used to align conveyor tracks and maintain conveyor belt tension.  We offers a wide range of take-up bearings units both in inch and metric dimensions.  Each are available with or without an eccentric locking collar. Medium Duty, Heavy Duty and other types are available along with various seal options and plated housing options.  AST's takeup units housings are constructed out of cast iron and have a chrome steel bearing as standard.

QM INDUSTRIES QVVTU19V085ST Take Up Unit Bearings

Double Row 4 Inch | 101.6 Milli
6.158 Groove and Hole in O

QM INDUSTRIES QVVTU19V085SEC Take Up Unit Bearings

M06110 0782475122943
Single Row | Spheric 5.125 Inch | 130.175

QM INDUSTRIES QVVTU19V308SEO Take Up Unit Bearings

B00308 0.276 Inch | 7 Milli
No No

QM INDUSTRIES QAATU13A065SM Take Up Unit Bearings

4547359280890 0

QM INDUSTRIES QAATU13A207SM Take Up Unit Bearings

SKF 0.0
SKF M06288

QM INDUSTRIES QAATU13A208SM Take Up Unit Bearings

0.118 Inch | 3 Milli No
No B00308

QM INDUSTRIES QVVTU19V308SB Take Up Unit Bearings

0.0 2 Inch | 50.8 Millim
Single Row RBEC 1 | ISO P0

QM INDUSTRIES QATU10A050SEM Take Up Unit Bearings

B04144 N/A

QM INDUSTRIES QATU10A200SEM Take Up Unit Bearings

Bearings 8865590009329
0.0 0

QM INDUSTRIES QVVTU19V304SEM Take Up Unit Bearings


QM INDUSTRIES QVVTU19V307SET Take Up Unit Bearings

31171511 M06288
3.632 1 Piece Solid

QM INDUSTRIES QVVTU19V304SN Take Up Unit Bearings

B04336 0